‘With the Fire on High’ – Elizabeth Acevedo

Emoni is a character that you can’t help but admire, root for and sit back with a huge grin on your face for how things work out for her.

A teen mum, she’s used to working hard and making sacrifices that so many of her peers wouldn’t even consider. Heading into her senior year she’s worried about how things are changing and what this will mean for her and her daughter. When she gets the chance to take a new course – a cooking elective – it sets up things she couldn’t expect.

Alongside the potential for studying something she loves, there’s a new boy in school who seems determined to show Emoni that not everyone assumes things about her because she has a child. Though the romance was quite a large part of this, it was part of a much bigger picture and this kept it interesting.

Emoni has a passion for food. The way she talks about food and the relationship she has with it was so intimate that it was hard not to fall a little in love. Even though the events may have been quite fortuitous I didn’t begrudge anything – from the off I wanted the happy ending, or at least the opportunity for it to be so.

I can’t wait to see what Acevedo comes up with next.