‘Windwitch’ – Susan Dennard

Picking up from the events of book one, many assume Merik is dead but we follow him as he attempts to prove the treachery of his sister.

Having finished this┬ámy overwhelming feeling was of frustration. Our key characters aren’t together throughout the story, and there’s an awful lot of characters being managed here which did make it hard for me to focus on at times.

The opening of the book felt slower than I’d like-and there wasn’t a whole lot of time devoted to filling us in on the events of book one. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but it was a while since I’d read Truthwitch and it took me a while to recall key events.

While the world described was interesting and well-portrayed I couldn’t help but feel that I spent most of the book waiting for something. There was plenty of action, and a lot of setting up for the next part, but I just didn’t feel as engaged by this as I’d hoped I would. That aside, I really am looking forward to what comes next.

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