‘White Lies, Black Dare’ – Joanna Nadin

White Lies, Black Dare


Asha Wright has a lot to deal with. Her mum has got cancer and has been forced to give up work and move back in with her step-father. Asha has had to give up her place in private school, and she now has to work out how to fit in at her new much tougher school.

Fairly early on it is made clear that Asha is a bright girl, with a future, and we know we’re meant to be rooting for her. She has a couple of close friends, and does find herself back in touch with people she knew when she was much younger. Unfortunately, Asha is drawn to Angel Jones, the brash and beautiful girl who seems to rule the roost. Asha, even though she knows it will cause trouble, cannot resist the lure of something different.

There are what I would regard as some fairly stock characters, and I felt this was a pretty straightforward look at teen relationships, peer pressure, coming to terms with yourself and doing the right thing.

If I’m being honest I felt the book was, at times, a little too simple. I think people are often more complicated than this suggests, though it was an enjoyable read and would definitely prompt some discussion with younger readers.