‘What Light’ – Jay Asher

What Light

The cover is unashamedly highlighting that this is a romance, and though it is described as ‘unforgettable’ I wasn’t totally engaged by it.

Sierra has got used to upping sticks and moving across country for Christmas every year so she can help her parents with their tree lot. Heavy on the seasonal influence, this is the kind of book best suited to reading when the nights are drawing in, it’s cold and Christmas is just around the corner.

On the occasion that we first meet Sierra we are told that this might be the last year that she and her parents will go to the lot. With her visit already touched by sadness, it is somewhat inevitable that Sierra is then going to find herself falling for Caleb, a local boy who has a bad reputation.

After a few weeks of angst and some issues with parents/friends worrying about the impact this relationship will have on Sierra,¬†we’re then left with a lovely moment indicating this relationship might go somewhere. It is left rather up in the air, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt anyone to realise that not every issue will be resolved. It would take a very hard-hearted person to not be moved by the ending, and there were some interesting thoughts explored. Ultimately, sadly, it never really gripped me in the way it was intended.

Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this in exchange for my honest thoughts.

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