‘This Cruel Design’ by Emily Suvada

Unashamedly delights in its scientific premise, and definitely pushes the boundaries of what we believe makes us human.

Cat has been left in a difficult situation. Able to genetically alter, and code in a way not known by many, she is seen as the answer to so many problems. Unfortunately these skills also make her a target for others with their own agenda.

This time round we follow Cat as she tries to sort out the virus threatening the world. Her attempts to spread the vaccine have failed, and now she has only three days before a major organisation threaten to eradicate people who pose a threat. Even though he has done awful things, Cat’s only hope seems to be to find Lachlan, but she may have to put her trust in others in order to manoeuvre into a stronger position.

This felt like a step towards something much bigger, but there were some quite surprising revelations that prevented this feeling like a filler. I was quite blown away by what we learned about Cat, and the plans for the future have me desperate for January 2020 when the final part of the trilogy is scheduled for release.