The Starblade Chronicles Book 1: A New Darkness – Joseph Delaney

a new darkness

Tom Ward is no longer an apprentice in this new trilogy from Joseph Delaney. Following the death of his master in battle, Tom is a fully-fledged spook Рcharged with protecting the county from all manner of supernatural creatures.

I couldn’t wait to read more about Tom’s adventures, but I loved the fact that we were given new characters in this series. Jenny, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, is fabulous and I was so thrilled to see Grimalkin play such a part in this story.

While this could stand-alone, I think that those who’ve slogged through the 13 instalments of the Spooks Apprentice series will find more of interest.

The ending came as something of a sucker-punch. What a way to leave us hanging…and guarantee that we’ll read the second book when it’s released!