‘The Sign of One’ – Eugene Lambert

The Sign of One


With a tagline that makes it clear this is no easy world to live in, I was not sure what to expect of ‘The Sign of One’ when I received a pre-publication copy from NetGalley.

Due for release in April 2016, this novel tells the story of Kyle and the desperate world he lives in. The opening chapter was a little confusing, and I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but I quickly changed my mind. By the end, I didn’t want to stop reading and I think that’s a good sign in a book.

In the Barrenlands it is common practice to separate identical twins and, through a very public ‘Unwrapping’ procedure, identify which twin needs to be killed. That’s right, killed. Publicly. With people going to watch, for entertainment!

Once I’d got to grips with the brutality of this world – and do not under-estimate the brutality – I was intrigued by this story. The writer’s interest in engineering and science are evident throughout, but there’s a very human touch to the story that I found really exciting.

There is definitely something for everyone in this novel. A thoroughly recommended read.