‘The Sight of You’ – Holly Miller

I was given access to this via Secret Readers…and I’m so pleased I chose this title. I’m pretty sure that upon its release (scheduled for June 2020) this will become a much talked-about read, and I’m pretty convinced it will be turned into a film before long.

The Sight of You is a romance of epic proportions, but not quite in the way you might expect.

Joel has always had startlingly accurate dreams about people he loves. As a result he has vowed never to fall in love, because the pressure of seeing something you cannot change is too much. Yet when he meets Callie, it seems inevitable they’ll end up together.

The initial stages of the book had me entranced, but in a mildly curious way as I wondered just where this would go. Their fledgling relationship is cute, and having both perspectives definitely took this out of the standard romance vein I was expecting.

However, once we see how things pan out and see the depth of Joel’s love for Callie I am not afraid to admit to being totally emotionally overcome by this. Much as it didn’t follow the path you might have thought you wanted it to, it ended on such a positively life-affirming tone.

A testimony to love, in its truest form.