‘The Rest of Us Just Live Here’ – Patrick Ness

the rest of us just live here

Before I start this review, I have to confess to having a bit of a soft spot for this writer and this, coupled with a love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, made me highly intrigued by this new release.

You can get a precis of the novel on-line easily enough, and reviews seem to be mixed. I guess this just has to be one you will either love or loathe.

Personally, I loved the idea that this was a novel about the ordinary kids; the ones who are not chosen to spend their lives fighting demons and saving the world. Mikey and his friends, however, appear to lead far from ordinary lives…they have issues aplenty, without needing to worry about the impending apocalypse that seems to be threatening their town.

I loved the clever chapter starts that keep us abreast of the lives of the Indie kids that are going to save us. There are lots of knowing nods, and the characters are quirky without being irritating. Sly humour and some touching moments. My only gripe (now I’ve finished the novel) is the resolution for Jared, Mikey’s friend, who happens to be God of Cats. It seems to go against everything we’ve been fed through the story, and I wonder whether there’s some deep philosophical idea that I’m missing.

I have heard Patrick Ness referred to – fondly, I hasten to add – as the Dark Lord. Based on this, I think his power is growing…

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