‘The Naturals’ – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Naturals

Seventeen year old Cassie has a natural talent – she can read people, and is adept at working out their likes and interests from observation. This is a skill that she’s always had, and refined with her mother’s help. Unfortunately, since her mother’s disappearance – and presumed death – Cassie hasn’t felt comfortable with her talent.

Then one day the FBI come calling and try to enlist Cassie in their new program, using teenagers with exceptional abilities to profile cases that haven’t been solved. Determined to try and find out more about what happened to her mother, Cassie enlists – and gets a lot more than she bargained for!

While the whole idea might be seen as preposterous, this is a highly entertaining novel that will be of interest. There are some graphic details connected to murders, but nothing like the level of detail that some writers seem intent on giving us.

I enjoyed seeing how Cassie got on with the other teenagers she is placed with. They are all damaged in some way, but the relationships that Cassie forges were interesting.

At one or two moments the story felt slow, but when we are introduced to the serial killer currently at work – who seems to be linked to Cassie in some way – it becomes a lot more intriguing. Throughout I was trying to second-guess just who was involved, and how, but I was totally off!