‘The Masked Truth’ – Kelly Armstrong

I found the start of this really got me hooked.

We watch Riley as she prepares to start her impromptu evening baby-sitting…only to end up cowering under the bed with her young charge as the adults are murdered.

The action then moves on to show Riley has become seen as quite the hero, though she feels guilt about her role in events, and is encouraged to take part in a group therapy weekend.

Involvement in this event is, perhaps naturally, something she is not keen to participate in. What follows is, honestly, beyond belief and though it was interesting enough as I was reading it will not – I’m pretty certain – be that memorable.

It’s giving nothing away to reveal that once the weekend starts – and the teens involved are without phones or any other means to communicate with the outside world – we learn that they are taken captive. Naturally, given the subject, there’s some violence, and the focus on Max and his schizophrenia might be hard for some to read.

Just when you think you’re keeping up with events, you start to realise that we’re always one step behind!

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