‘The Kind Worth Killing’ – Peter Swanson

I only wish I’d found this sooner…such a good read!

When Ted meets Lily as he’s waiting for his plane he is struck by her beauty. Over a couple of drinks they get talking, and during the flight play a bizarre game of truth. Ted admits that he thinks his wife is having an affair and he discusses killing her.

A seemingly crazy scheme is hatched and we get caught up in a series of events that appear to have been set in motion many years previously. Neither Lily nor Ted is quite what they claim to be, so then to factor in Ted’s wife and her scheming I really did half think they deserved each other!

This was a book that had to be read carefully to ensure links were not missed. The machinations unfolding in front of us made me very worried for the human race but thankful that some of the best villains can be painted in words.
By the time we got to the end a small part of me really wanted them to get their come-uppance, while also applauding the ingenuity that allowed them to get away with what they did.

I understand there is a second in the series and wonder what will happen. Definitely one to try and get my hands on!