‘The Infinite Sea’ – Rick Yancey

The Infinite Sea


The second book of The 5th Wave trilogy, and I have to say that I was expecting to see more of Cassie’s story. I was thrown a little by how much to the fore other characters were. The varying perspectives meant, at times, I felt it difficult to keep track of exactly what was happening and how everything linked. However, this doesn’t stop it from being a great read.

In spite of my personal desire to have certain elements given more importance, there was plenty of action to keep me reading.

Ringer was a character that I never felt we knew enough about in the first instalment, though I don’t think she was interesting enough to focus on her to the extent that we are forced to. Perhaps it’s part of a bigger plan, but I must admit to feeling somewhat uncertain about how certain characters fit into the grand scheme. The hints of what is to come do, however, make it sound like we’re in for an explosive finale. Now I just need to wait for my eldest son to finish the book before I can find out what will happen!