‘Stunning’ – Sara Shepard


Eleventh in the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ series, and if you’ve got this far you know what to expect.

There is an increasing suspension of disbelief as I read this series. Firstly, I cannot believe the parents of these girls are so oblivious to the issues they are facing; secondly, it amazes me that the girls themselves are so easily manipulated and, lastly, it’s all far too convenient how new characters wander into the series and just happen to be connected to all the others in some way.

In this instalment, Emily finds out more about the baby she gave up. Spencer is starting to find her feet as she prepares to go to Princeton. Aria is back with Noel, but learns some things about his parents that threaten to drive a wedge between her and Noel. Hanna continues to bumble around desperate to get Mike back. And in the shadows lurks A – a new A – who might or might not be Ali, determined to make the girls suffer (but not ever bring things to a head or the franchise would break down!)

So, pretty it isn’t and there is a very real sense that someone is cashing in on the success of the TV series. Only five more to go…

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