‘Stardust’ – Neil Gaiman

A lovely fairytale about a young man claiming his birthright and a journey into the land of Faerie.

I feel I must have watched the movie of this at some time because it all felt so familiar, but I thoroughly enjoyed this sojourn into an unusual land.

The town of Wall is on the boundary of the land of Faerie. Each year a market is held and people can purchase things they have never seen before. Our story begins with a young man being sold a beautiful glass snowdrop, ending up under a spell and having sex with an enchanted young lady who spends half her life as a bird. We then see him left with the child.

Years later the child, Tristan, is almost an adult and in love with a young lady called Victoria. He promised to catch her a falling star in exchange for her hand in marriage. And so begins an unusual quest.

Along the way Tristan comes to realise he’s not quite what he thought. He learns to trust his own judgment and ends up saving the star from others who pursue her for their own ends.

A truly magical story that ends exactly as you want it to. It put a smile on my face.