Slated trilogy – Teri Terry

slated trilogy

Slated set up the premise for the trilogy clearly.

Kayla has had her memory wiped, and yet she finds herself able to recall details from her past that she shouldn’t be able to remember. Her new family are none the wiser that Kayla is different. We see her struggle to find out who she is/was, and, inevitably, who she can trust as her past catches up with her present. Intriguing ending that leads us nicely onto…


The middle book is often the one that gives the back-story or pads out the idea until the final part. This was NOT one of those books. In Fractured we follow Kayla as she learns more about who she was and why she underwent the Slating procedure. Complex and pacy. Loved it, and could not wait to see what happened in…


Wow! If you’ve come this far, you’re invested in the characters and want to see how thing turn out for them. While this happens, there are also new characters that pique your interest. A strong end to the series.

While I loved the series, and cannot wait to read ‘Mind Games’ by the same author, I wish the marketing had not been so heavily female-biased. This is a series that I could see many enjoying, but I think some will overlook it because of the overly-‘girly’ covers.