‘Seven Trees of Stone’ – Leo Hunt

An unusual read, but it will thrill fans of the series.

It’s been a while since I read book two but this gives some recaps while plunging us into a new story. It doesn’t take long to pick things back up, honest.

Luke has got used to a quieter life, and some time has passed since the events of Book Two. There are still issues between Luke and his mother, and his acceptance of her new boyfriend Darren. When Luke is persuaded to spend New Year’s Eve in Darren’s woodland home we are expecting something dramatic – but this was off the scale of what I thought might happen.

This story tells us about a New Year’s Eve with a difference. After an argument, Luke wakes to find himself in Deadside with no idea of how he came to be there. The world has frozen over, and something is attempting to take over the land of the living.

We watch Luke and Elza encounter some pretty nasty things, but they are resourceful and find a way to take on these Essentials. As with previous books, there’s some graphic description but it is exciting stuff.

I was pretty surprised by the final showdown, and think that’s a fitting ending to events. However, Luke’s final actions imply there could be more to come.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC.