‘See You in the Cosmos, Carl Sagan’ – Jack Cheng

Published in March 2017, I was lucky to receive an advance copy to review. Though it’s being marketed to younger readers, this is a book that will appeal to older readers who are more likely to pick up on the nuances of the text.

Eleven year old Alex is obsessed with space. His dog is named after his favourite scientist, Carl Sagan, and when we first meet him he is preparing to travel across America to visit a Space Show and launch his rocket. Now that might sound great, but notice what is missing…any form of authority-figure.

Alex’s father is long-dead, his brother is busy pursuing his career and his mother is frequently missing. Alex describes her as having quiet days, but it is clear that something is amiss.

Watching Alex make his journey and bump into all manner of people along the way was quite incredible. Heart-breaking, but it also filled me with joy to see such a young boy maintain his optimism and innocence in spite of such awful home circumstances.

I don’t want to give away plot details, but this is a captivating read about a young boy’s search for what family and home means.

Thanks to NetGalley and Puffin for the advance copy for review.