‘Pride and Premeditation’ – Tirzah Price

There will be readers who dislike this as it’s so different from Jane Austen’s story, and then there will be others who applaud this and take delight in the sense of familiarity while looking for the modern twists. I definitely fall into the latter category.
Pride and Premeditation focuses on Lizzie Bennett and her determination to convince her father that she had what it takes to become a barrister. In this modern version, Lizzie becomes embroiled in a murder investigation, determined to prove that Bingley did not commit murder and that someone else hatched a plan to bring him down.
From the opening pages I found myself loving this. The style is Austen-like and offers a commentary – of sorts – on the society Lizzie is judged by. There’s a few anomalies but these didn’t impede my enjoyment at all.
Great fun…though for readers who don’t know the original it might create something of a shock!