‘Paper Towns’ – John Green

Paper Towns

Quentin Jacobsen has spent most of his life in love with his next-door neighbour, Margo Roth Spiegelman. When she enters his room one night and asks for his help in taking revenge on her cheating boyfriend, Quentin gets caught up in an amusing – though not necessarily legal – evening of causing chaos. He takes this as the step forward in the relationship between them.

When he arrives in school he learns, along with the rest of the school community, that Margo has disappeared. Nobody knows where she has gone, but Quentin is convinced that the random clues that he stumbles across have been left for him in order to help him track down Margo.

While I found Quentin and his friends witty and entertaining, I couldn’t really see the appeal of Margo. It was the idea of Margo that Quentin had constructed that appealed to him. For me I felt there was something a little formulaic about the novel, but I know it’s going to appeal to Green fans.