‘Odd and True’ – Cat Winters

Cat Winters is fast becoming one of my favourite go-to authors for a read that is just that little bit different. Due for publication in September 2017, Odd and True is no exception.

Trudchen and Odette are two sisters who have spent their lives hunting monsters and telling fantastic stories of their family’s involvement with mysterious creatures. A fairytale quality pervades this novel, but it is a world of darkness that will send little shivers down your spine.

The novel begins quite slowly, but we piece together the reality of the girls’ lives. The narrative is split between the present – voiced by Tru – and the past – voiced by Od. Just as one sister claims to no longer believe in the monsters of her childhood, the other sister arrives to take her on a journey that will see them face some of their ‘monsters’. Their family background is intriguing, but I really liked the way we learn the details of their past gradually.

When Tru follows Od on an adventure, following predictions read in teacups, we are plunged into a world of strange creatures. Their relationship was well-depicted, and I became quite absorbed in their story.

Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for allowing me to read this prior to publication. And a huge thank you to Cat Winters for coming up with yet another deliciously dark delight.

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