‘Now Entering Addamsville’ – Francesca Zappia

Zora Novak is not the most likeable of characters. She is surly and definitely has a chip on her shoulder – but as we learn more about her, it’s easier to understand her.

One thing we are told very early on is that Zora is being framed.

We know that when the home of the local janitor burns down, Zora was the last to see him. He was telling her off – and in Addamsville that is reason enough to suspect Zora of wanting to burn his home down. This is, in part, because of events of a few years earlier which we learn about during the course of the novel.

Without giving away too many details, it’s important that we know Zora has a special skill. She can see the dead, and is (like her mother) responsible for keeping her town free of the entities they call firestarters. Unfortunately, her mother disappeared five years ago and since then Zora has been trying to keep her town safe without really knowing what she’s doing.

As if these events weren’t bad enough, a team of investigative journalists hunting ghosts have come to Addamsville determined to get a scoop. This seems a rather unnecessary plot side-line, but stick with it. It all matters.

Initially I was drawn to this having enjoyed Eliza and her Monsters. This is quite different, and it did take me a while to really start linking ideas/events. Personally, I’d have liked to see a little more focus on the paranormal elements of this. I’ve also got so many questions about her mother, Bach and just what on earth is going on with the town of Addamsville.