‘Namesake’ – Adrienne Young

Namesake picks up almost immediately after that rather frustrating ending of book one. Fable has been taken by Zola, and we are left to imagine what exactly he plans.

As we follow Fable we learn she is being taken to Holland. Though we haven’t seen her before, everyone fears her and it is suggested she is ruthless. However, over the course of the book she underestimates people time and time again and I wonder whether she is somewhat blinded by her familial ties. While it’s set up as something of a shock for those involved, Holland’s interest in Fable is obvious.

This book pits merchant against merchant. There’s the bigger picture of the wider community and how they are all affected by the dispute between Holland Saint. A lot of time is spent exploring the developing bond between West and Fable – though they are both so stubborn they forget that talking to each other is useful once in a while. We get a few diving scenes…and there’s more than one occasion for someone to spill their guts about their hopes and ambitions, and the plans they are putting in place to achieve them.

Once we’d got underway and I’d settled back into the rhythm of this I found myself racing through it. I enjoyed it immensely. However, things feel unresolved and I can’t help but wonder at the decision to leave some questions unanswered in something that is meant to be our closing chapter.