‘My Backward Life’ – Claire Merle

This is a book that will confound and delight in equal measures.
Our main character, Louise, goes to a gig with her friends on a Friday night. Things don’t quite go to plan, and she recalls walking home and falling. She has a memory of a boy coming to check on her, but when she wakes up she’s six days in the future and things are not what they were.
Leaving aside the whole ‘she’s jumped six days and nobody sees anything weird’, this gets odder as we realise Louise is now travelling backwards a day at a time. She knows things before they happen, and she’s taking steps to right wrongs that nobody is prepared for her to know.
Louise was a strong character, that you can’t help but root for as she tries to make sense of the strange events she’s living through. Her relationship with Dylan was entertaining to read about, and I liked the message this gave about her friendships.
Thanks to NetGalley for letting me read this in exchange for my thoughts.