‘Miss E’ – Brian Herberger

Miss E

I received a copy of ‘Miss E’ from the author in exchange for my review, and this was one of those surprising treats that make sites such as Goodreads such a great thing.

Bets is used to moving around because her father is a soldier, so she’s got used to feeling like the new kid in town. This move to California sees Bets fitting in fairly well. She develops friendships with a number of her peers and things are going well at school. Then her father is sent to Vietnam.

Within a short space of time Bets becomes intrigued by the town’s mystery woman, Miss E. A number of happy coincidences occur which result in Bets getting to know more about this mysterious figure, and developing a friendship that is unexpected but teaches her a lot.

I’ll be honest and say this was quite a slow-moving read, but it never felt dull and would certainly make an interesting exploration of this historical period.