‘Lady Midnight’ – Cassandra Clare

Lady Midnight


At a massive 698 pages in paperback, this is a novel you have to be prepared to invest some time in. If you’re a fan of Cassandra Clare’s writing, this won’t seem much of a hardship!

This is the first in a new series, set in the ShadowHunter world but five years after the events of the Mortal Instruments series. It focuses on the Blackthorn family who run the Los Angeles Institute and their investigation into mysterious demonic killings that seem to be linked to the deaths of the Carstairs.

In this novel we are given some familiar characters, but the focus is firmly on Emma Carstairs and her parabatai, Julian Blackthorn. There are plenty of action scenes, some magic, romance – lots of it – and one or two unexpected twists that really suggest this series could be even better than the previous one.

While there were passages within the novel that interested me less than others (which I suppose is inevitable in such a large book), I quickly became absorbed by the events within this book. It doesn’t shy away from some pretty difficult subjects, and the questions posed by some of the events in the novel  – along with the consequences for the characters involved – really did have me in knots at times.

There are some wonderful aspects to this novel: the exploration of the parabatai bond and its meaning for those involved; the role love and honour play in our decision-making; one or two interesting discoveries involving some familiar faces; Kieran’s relationship with Mark Blackthorn and the ending. Oh, the ending…

I can’t be the only one cross that I have to wait until April 2017 for ‘Lord of Shadows’, part two in the trilogy.