‘I Know You Did It’ – Sue Wallman

What a rollercoaster of a read…

We know that Ruby is moving to a new school in year eleven, and that things were tough at her previous school – though we don’t learn all the details until later. Her first day seems to suggest a fairly typical experience and I wondered where the twist would come. Right at the end of her first day she finds a note pinned to her locker saying ‘I Know You Did It’…and then we learn that some believe her to have killed a girl.

With such a shocking start, how could you not want to know more? The story is not quite what it seems…and it is very clear that Ruby is struggling to work out how to move on from events in her past and the behaviour of some of those who should have helped her.

The incident in Ruby’s past is bad – but it definitely seems a tragic accident. Unfortunately, someone seems to believe otherwise and this appears to be behind some awful events taking place at her new school.

We follow Ruby as she tried to adjust to a new school. Clearly scarred by her experiences it’s hard not to feel sympathy for Ruby…particularly when we start to get suspicious deaths of students whose last known contact was Ruby.

From the moment we get the first death it’s fascinating to see the reactions of those around Ruby. A rather scary tale showing just how easily some can be manipulated…and just how dangerous unresolved anger can be. So many people could be blamed for how things panned out here, but this was a fantastic read.