‘I Found You’ – Lisa Jewell

Alice looks out of her window one morning and sees a man sitting on the beach. It’s raining, but he has no coat. Later that day he’s still there. Most of us would turn away, but Alice invites him into her home-even though he has no memory of who he is.

At the same time we see young bride Lily going crazy because her husband has not come home. They are recently married and life is idyllic. So where is he? Nobody knows, and Lily realises she knows little about the man she’s married-made worse when the police tell her that her husband doesn’t actually exist.

Alongside these two stories we are taken back to 1993, where we follow Graham and his family on their summer holiday. They encounter Mark Tate, an older teen who attaches himself to the fifteen year-old sister of Graham. Something is seriously wrong, and we watch in anticipation of working out exactly what this is.

We follow the story as the two women come to learn how their stories link.
I liked the jumping around time frames and slowly piecing together exactly what happened. However, I felt that this was character driven and the characters weren’t ones I particularly cared for.

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