‘How to Kill Men and Get Away With It’ -Katy Brent

When victims fight back, things get dirty…

Kitty Collins is not a character I have any affinity with. As a beautiful wealthy Influencer, she’s not the type of character I expected to like…her proclivity for murder doesn’t do much to endear her. However, her snarkiness and deadpan delivery really do make her a rather entertaining young woman to spend time with.

Our first meeting with Kitty relays the evening when a sleazy guy from a bar follows her, tries to force her into becoming more physical and then ends up dead when he falls onto a broken bottle. Most people would call the police and hope for the best, but Kitty has form…so she goes home and continues her life.
The situations that Kitty finds herself in are increasingly audacious. Some are very graphic, and while I can’t say I enjoyed the book at times, it was certainly entertaining.

I had my suspicions about Kitty from early on, and it was gratifying to see that I wasn’t too far off the mark. The ending certainly left me open-mouthed and I’m wondering if perhaps Kitty has met her match in Charlie.