‘Forty-one’ – Lesia Daria

forty one

I received a digital copy of this from NetGalley, and I have to say this is not one I would particularly recommend.

This sounds horribly stereotypical but I think women of a certain age and socio-economic group will be hooked on Eva’s concerns and fretting over her life, present and past. Personally, when the novel opened with a lengthy focus on curtains I wasn’t sure if this was one I should continue to read.

The first part of the book was very slow, and I struggled to find much interest in the character or her concerns. I found her priggish, and if her life was really that bad she should have done something to change it! However, once she contracted meningitis and we saw how this impacted on her life I felt more concern for her as a character.

Ultimately I felt this was trying too hard to do too many things. Definitely not my cup of tea, but I can imagine it being a book that some will love.

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