‘For the Wolf’ – Hannah F. Whitten

Aderys (or Red) has, since she was born, known her fate. As the Second Daughter to the Queen it has always been known that she will have to go to the Wilderwoods and be delivered to the Wolf as part of the deal to try and do what is needed to bring back the Five Kings. Her sister, Neve, urges her to run away but for reasons she doesn’t want to share Red is keen to follow through with the plans for her.

Upon her arrival at the Wolf’s castle she is surprised by what she finds. Yet something keeps her from embracing this world…her love for her sister.
We follow Red as she tries to control the wildness inside her, and tries to find a way to return to the life she has known.

An interesting idea, and there was plenty crammed in here. The background to the Kings being trapped in the Wilderwood wasn’t fully explained and Neve’s behaviour seemed to be rather too convenient on occasion. However, the focus on Red and the Wolf was interesting and there were suggestions of more going on that could be explained in book two.

Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to read this in exchange for my thoughts.’