‘Following Frankenstein’ – Catherine Bruton


Frankenstein has always had a special place in my reading experience, so as soon as I saw the title I was hooked.

Maggie Walton is the daughter of a man obsessed with Frankenstein’s creation, a man who has brought the family to nothing in his pursuit of the infamous monster. Maggie and her pet mouse, Victor, have grown up with stories of the search for Frankenstein’s creation. So, when her father decides to try one last time to find him, Maggie decides to stow away.

Her journey involves characters from many literary tales. Each plays their part in guiding Maggie to a journey that could not be believed in her wildest imaginings. A journey that involves the son of Frankenstein’s creation.

This was a story that took us through numerous landscapes, and which had – at its heart – the message to look beyond superficial differences and to value people for who they are. For a Frankenstein fan it was a real treat, but I think it could inspire new readers to dip their toes into Shelley’s world.

Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for allowing me to read this before publication.