‘Follow Me, Like Me’ – Charlotte Seager


A timely reminder that what we do online has consequences in the real world, and a rather terrifying warning to watch what you post and who you ‘friend’ as an online profile might not tell you the full story.

Our story focuses on two perspectives. First, there’s popular teen, Chloe, who accepts a message from someone online and then finds herself with a ‘friend’ she’s never met whose behaviour causes a lot of discomfort. Second, there’s social misfit Amber who yearns for popularity and whose obsession with a personal trainer at her gym soon gets her into a situation that she wasn’t expecting.

The story is quite straightforward, and both girls are involved (to some degree) with the same character.

If I’m being honest, I felt the attitude of the friends, school and police were not wholly accurately presented. Given the concerns about this topic, the attitudes felt a little behind the times.

The story itself was quite obvious, but it did offer some opportunity to get under the skin of some characters you may or may not empathise with.

Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me the opportunity to read this in exchange for my review.