‘Flawless’ – Sara Shepherd


In the second in the Pretty Little Liars series we continue with the creepy messages from A and it’s quite unnerving how the messages show explicit knowledge of what the girls have been up to. It’s enough to make anyone paranoid, and you can sense the creep-factor being ramped up here.

Naturally there are some differences from the TV series, in terms of order of events and the level of focus on specific characters. Honestly, I do think the girls in the books are a lot less appealing; they’re all heavily flawed, and we don’t really see much sign of any redeeming features.

After the discovery of Alison’s body at the end of book one, it’s of obvious interest to work out what’s going on. The fingers are pointing heavily to Toby and all the girls have moments that are worthy of some horror movie parody. The notes from A are genuinely creepy though, and I felt that with the adult characters acting as they do it’s hardly any wonder that the girls are rather flawed.

We are told a little more about the situation between Jenna and Toby, though it’s painted in a far less positive light here. While I’m finding the reading of this series good fun, I can’t deny it is totally superficial.