‘Every Last Word’ – Tamara Ireland Stone

every last word

I received a digital copy of this from Netgalley, and I am so pleased that I did.

Sam is 16, a fantastic swimmer and part of a popular group of girls. It might sound like a perfect life, but she also has a secret. Sam has Purely-Obsessional OCD, and her life is ruled by the fear of anyone other than her family finding out.

I’ve only just finished this, and my feelings towards it are quite raw.

It was beautiful, and for so many different reasons. I loved the portrayal of a character finding their way and managing their condition. The focus on words and poetry was always going to appeal, but I wasn’t prepared for how moving some of the poems were. I loved the insight into the patient/therapist relationship, and I’d have to be pretty callous not to be affected by the character of AJ.

All in all, a book I would love to read again. It has already been recommended to a couple of students, and I will certainly suggest it should be in our school library.