‘Elementals 1:Prophecy of Shadows’ – Michelle Madow

Prophecy of Shadows


When Nicole starts at her new school she thinks there’s a mistake with her schedule as she’s enrolled in special honours classes. Then she learns she’s a witch (as are all the other students in her class). Talk about getting straight into it!

Nicole and her friends are witches, they can do magic and there’s a dastardly plan to foil. There’s the token hot boy – complete with the token bitchy girlfriend -that Nicole develops a thing for. And before we know it there’s some Greek mythology thrown in for good measure, and we learn Nicole might actually be a demigod.

In that brief summary I’m aware I sound critical. There’s lots to remind you of countless other teen novels and this is off-putting. However, from the opening pages we are thrown into a relentless action-packed ride that does leave you wanting more.

I can imagine teenage readers will lap it up as there’s something for everyone and it will feel like stuff they’re comfortable with. It felt like the kind of thing I’ll see on Netflix soon.