‘Desolation: Demon Road 2’ – Derek Landy



Out early April 2016, the second instalment in Landy’s Demon Road trilogy.

This sees Amber and Milo desperately fleeing the five Hounds of Hell that have been sent to capture them. They make their way to the one place on the Demon Highway that they think they will be safe – Desolation Hill.

Unfortunately, this town has its own secrets.

We learn that one night a year the residents of Desolation Hill rejoice in the custom known as Hell Night. Nobody will tell Amber and Milo exactly what this entails for those residents over eighteen, but – inevitably – the night is due not long after our intrepid duo appear. As we might expect,¬†the events of this night are closely¬†linked to their story and the things that they’re running from.

There are some great new characters – and one or two less pleasant ones – and the humour of the first book is still very much in evidence. All in all, I think if you enjoyed the first one you’ll love this.

Thank you NetGalley for the advance copy.