‘Demon Road 3:American Monsters’ -Derek Landy

American Monsters

In the third in the series, Amber and Milo are on the trail of her parents – while also trying to work out how to double-cross the demon Astaroth.

While I find the relationship between Milo and Amber fun, and there are some great humorous scenes here, I do feel that a lot of the violence is unnecessary and this detracts from the good elements of the book (sorry to those fans who are, no doubt, cursing me now).

As we watch Amber’s journey we see her relationships with a number of characters develop in rather unexpected ways. Unfortunately, there were just one too many incidental journeys/events that meant this felt a little dragged-out to me.

Towards the end, as we started to explore Amber’s reaction to events, I felt we got back on track. Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this in advance of publication, but I’ve felt less engaged with this series as it’s progressed and it’s a shame as it started so well.