‘Bitter Falls’ – Rachel Caine

Yet another explosive read in the series…

Having settled into their home, it’s no surprise that some still resist the presence of Gwen, Sam and the kids. There’s plenty of comments and little incidents that are designed to make them leave. Gwen resists this, determined to give her kids some form of normal but we know this is always going to be tricky.

When Gwen is asked to investigate the disappearance of a young man called Remy, nothing could have prepared her for what she gets caught up in. Her investigations lead her to a young woman who has tried to escape a cult…but they’re tracking her and things quickly become awkward.

When Sam and Connor are abducted by the cult we know they’re getting reckless. Something big is planned but Gwen is determined to do whatever she has to in order to protect her family.

What follows is big. There’s lots of switching views so we see the outside picture alongside the experience of those inside the compound. Part of me feared where this would go, but it had me on the edge. I feared the outcome at the same time as being desperate to see things resolved, however that was done.

The question for Gwen and her family is…what next?