‘Batman: Nightwalker’ – Marie Lu

I was rather underwhelmed by Leigh Bardugo’s Wonder Woman and was wondering if this series was simply not going to be my thing. Thankfully, I found this to be a more engaging story – perhaps because it focused on the character of Bruce Wayne (and you can’t help but like a good back story for your superhero). There may be an element of familiarity for me as Batman was definitely more on my radar when younger than other characters in this series.

So, in this second in the series we follow young Bruce Wayne as he comes into his inheritance, plays with some fancy gadgets and gets caught up with the criminal gang known as the Nightwalkers.

In this instance, getting what you expect is totally what’s needed. The gadgets and the focus on the character felt spot on. I loved the dynamic between Bruce and Madeleine, and the fine line between good and bad felt perfectly placed. While you know that their relationship cannot ever come to anything, there’s a little part that wonders…what if?

I wasn’t quite sure where this would go, but this panned out well. I wasn’t wholly surprised by the revelation later (although I was too suspicious of a few characters) but that’s no bad thing.