‘Are You Still There’ – Sarah Lynn Scheerger

are you still there

I received this as a digital copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The novel begins strongly. You’re thrown right into the heart of the action, with our narrator – Gabriella – stuck in a toilet cubicle as her school is on lock-down due to a bomb threat. I had high hopes for this…unfortunately, they weren’t met.

As the novel progresses we learn more about Gabriella and her story is interspersed with comments from the Stranger’s manifesto (comments from the potential bomber). The excitement I felt from the blurb and the opening weren’t, however, maintained.

While I enjoyed elements of this story as I was reading, I can’t help but feel that this could have had more of an impact. It was a reasonable read, but some time after reading there is very little that sticks with me. Perhaps this is one that will speak more to its intended audience.

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