‘All We Can Do Is Wait’ -Richard Lawson

Sometimes a book just comes along at the right time. Perhaps on another occasion I’d have been irritated by the pacing of this or the endings for some of the strands, but at this point it felt like a rather cathartic experience.

Five teenagers end up in hospital in Boston after a major disaster. Nobody can do anything but wait. And as they wait, they talk and share stories about their lives. Each is caught up in their own story – with their own suffering – but there is a commonality to their experience that bonds them as the hours tick by.

The most obviously interesting characters were Alexa and Jason because of their shared past. Their story really examined loss and how we each deal with tragedy. Yet it was Megan who I was most intrigued by, and there was something fitting about her story ending.

In all, a raw and strangely uplifting book about loss in its many forms.

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