‘A Shiver of Snow and Sky’ – Lisa Lueddecke

Having finished this, I’m surprised not to have heard more of a buzz about this.

The book is set on the remote island of Skane, a place of superstition and folklore. Osa, our main character, has always felt alienated by her family. She feels blamed for her mother’s death, and knows that she doesn’t have the support she should expect. However, she does have close friend Ivar who believes in her.
Our story begins with an evocative description of a land filled with lights. Red lights. Everyone knows that the last time this happened, plague came to their village and many died. Also facing invasion from a group of vicious fighters, the villagers have to decide whether to flee or fight.

Osa struggles to accept the sentiments of many. She vows to do whatever is possible to protect her people and sets out on a dangerous quest to speak to the goddess.

Switching between what happens to Osa and the villagers left behind, this was a fairly standard fantasy quest. There were trials faced throughout, and there’s a plethora of new and unusual characters. However, the writing style was evocative and the description given to key moments was not standard stuff. I enjoyed some of the more magical elements, and this certainly looks like one to continue with.