‘A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder’ – Holly Jackson

Nancy Drew for the modern era…and the kind of book that will have you desperate to solve crimes and right wrongs.

Pip is a model student, hard-working and resourceful. She’s also determined that in her little town someone has, literally, got away with murder.

Andie Bell and Sal Singh are names that everyone in the town knows. Andie was the good girl murdered by her jealous boyfriend, who then killed himself because of his guilt, denying family the chance to mourn Andie properly. Pip, however, recalls Sal and can’t reconcile the view of him she has with what people say about him. She is determined to find out what really happened and prove Sal’s innocence.

Nothing prepares her for what she uncovers in the course of her investigation. Her doggedness, however, makes for great reading.

Most people would run a mile at the situations Pip finds herself in. She seizes them and battles through some pretty scary stuff to show what really happened. The truth is far darker than you’d imagine.

Pip was foolish at times, but a great story and I’m grateful to NetGalley for allowing me access to this prior to publication.