’10 Blind Dates’ – Ashley Elston


Very different from the other Ashley Elston I’d read, but I was in the mood for feel-good predictable seasonal fare and this was spot-on.

When she’s left at home as her parents are visiting her sister (in the latter stages of pregnancy and quite ill) Sophie has a great plan to spend some time with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, when she arrives at a mutual friend’s party (which should have been the first clue as he knows she’s home alone) she overheard him telling a friend he wants to break up. Ouch!

So Sophie drives to her grandma’s where she is immediately fallen upon by her crazy warm-hearted family. They decide to brighten up her Christmas by making her go on ten blind dates.

Yes, this is totally predictable (there’s an inevitable romance and the dates are a mixed bag) and will probably irritate and amuse in equal measures. However, it was just what was needed today…and it will make a perfect Sunday afternoon movie.