Since I was little I have loved reading. My tastes have changed over the years, but the thrill I get from discovering a good book has never gone away. In an ideal world, I would get to spend substantial periods of my day undisturbed as I get to work my way through yet another book. As it is, I read when I can and try not to let my reading get in the way of all the other things that I have to do!

While I love nothing more than the thrill of opening a new book, there is a definite place for curling up with old favourites. The enjoyment I’ve got from revisiting some of my childhood favourites with my own children really cannot be underestimated, and I love the fact that at my age I still have a valid excuse to look at picture books. This might seem old-fashioned but I still prefer the actual physical sensation of holding a book in my hands as I read. However, the reassurance that comes from knowing I will always have another book on hand if needed means I am coming around to the benefits of reading on my iPad.

As a teacher, I firmly believe that keeping up-to-date with reading is a crucial part of my job. It is also part of my excuse for such a large proportion of my reading material being YA fiction. As a mother to three boys – who vary greatly in their attitudes to reading – I am always keen to learn more about how we develop as readers.

If there’s one thing I would put on a par with reading, it’s talking about what I’m reading. The desire to share my thoughts on what I’m reading, and to keep track of my own personal reading, is what has prompted me to start this blog. I hope that through mygoodreads.co.uk I will get the opportunity to share my interest with others.

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